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We all know that we must have a company website to run the business. However, in many cases, the business owner does not have enough understanding of the complexities of developing a website or does not want to invest enough to hire a professional website development company.

For them, an automatic website builder can work as a life saver (along with being a business saver). This is simple but powerful enough to make your own website. Even making an eCommerce website is almost as simple as starting a new email account.

The eDirectHost has some interesting templates for you to customize further apart from having your own domain name like MyBusiness.com. And the interesting thing is that, you have 10 days of trial period where you can explore the system and keep developing your own website (10 days should be more than what you need). Once you are ready with your preferred website, you can go ahead and buy your own domain name along with their service. Your own site will be live in almost no time. Would you like to know how it works? Visit this page.

You can take a look at the pricing list before you create your own website.


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