Joining WebPrachar with my whole team

Now here is an awesome news. I am joining WebPrachar, a Kolkata based website design, development and online marketing company as a designer. I knew some of them personally and when they gave me the offer I was almost sure that I want to join the team. But after visiting their place and meeting other team members, I was 200% sure about the proposal. So, now, I am merging my small team with WebPrachar to do something bigger. And my team members are sooo happy.

Life as a designer at WebPrachar is going to be a bit different. They follow an awesome designing process driven by the marketing strategy – need of the market and the owner. It is more about understanding the basic business requirements of the client and offering him a designing solution that would generate more business.

I really liked their idea of six month design contract where they make sure that the design is acting as an active agent to generate more sales (or the target). If necessary they are ready to completely redesign the website for free. It is about adding value to client’s bottom line. Their vision is simple - “no design is perfect and you can never dream the best design. You need to test and improve it to fit the need of end users and business logic”.

Wish me luck in my new venture.

PS. Watch this space – I will soon add more header images.


  1. I visit your blog first time. It is so nice and lovely. I like your idea of blog.

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