Sunday, August 10, 2008

Say no to alcohol – get a life

What happens when you put a frog into boiling water?

It jumps out because it cannot endure the heat.

However, what happens when you when you put a frog into normal water and start boiling it? It starts enduring the heat and do not immediately jump out of it. After some time it will die out there without understanding how it died.

In this situation, you must take the initiative to take it out of the boiling water to save a life. Maybe it is a fake story, but you would find many frogs around you.

The same thing happens with Drug or Alcohol addictions. The person does not understand that he or she is going to die soon due to the addiction. What is your duty in this situation? Take him to a nearby rehabilitation center or consult a good doctor for drug treatment.

A few days back I almost lost a dear friend due to over consumption of alcohol. We were supposed to take him to a local drug rehab center, but just before the appointed date, he met a dangerous accident while drunk driving. He has lost his leg. Perhaps he would now leave drinking at the cost of a leg.

I have heard that there are many drug rehab centers that work well to bring people back to mainstream life. And it is our duty to perform the task of bringing the frog out of the boiling water.

I am a social drinker and I never overdo it in any situation. After his death, I have promised that I would not touch it again. I would even give up smoking (I have been trying it for a long time – but I could not manage it). Nevertheless, this time I would do it for sure.

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