Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to add header images in Blogger or Blogspot Blog

Those days are gone when you needed to work hard on editing HTML code to place an image in the header section. That annoying job is bypassed in new blogger. Just follow these simple steps to place an image in blogspot header.

Dashboard > Template > Page Element > Header (Just below the Navbar) > Click on Edit Button > Browse the image in your PC and Upload > Save

You are almost done with new Header.

Now click again on the edit > A new browser will open as usual where you will find Blog Title, Blog Description, Image and Placement. In the placement section, you will find two sub sections:

  • Behind title and description
  • Instead of title and description

Click on Instead of title and description and save changes.

You are all ready with a fresh looking beautiful blog.

A Note: If you are clicking on Instead of title and description, that does not mean that your blog do not have any of them. They are only kept hidden from the visitors. This will also help you a lot from SEO perspectives.

And now it is time for today’s header images: Two beautiful, simple and lively header images for free:


  1. I like both of these headers. They are really cool.

  2. Thanks for your comment wahm.

  3. i agree with wahm. this pic is so calming. I plan to use it in future for my blog physiomom and

    Can teach me how to use this design as my blog archive header?

  4. I really like that second image. But I can't seem to get it fit right into my header. It's too small to cover the whole header frame?

    Thanks for sharing.


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